Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Inexperienced politicians insist on leaving their elderly and retired, amending laws that are not legislative responsibility!

More than fifty million retirees and older Americans are on edge with the expectation of young and inexperienced politicians trying to control the national deficit by reducing their incomes, in circumstances where the system called Social Security is a private organization, in which the individual contributes 6.2% of their salary for more than fifty years of working life.
what that inhuman insistence on the street leaving millions of disabled individuals to work, earn a living any other way than charging what I put in a system with a whopping 76 years of existence, without deficit ... until last year?

The retirees did not create this financial meltdown!
It is as simple as that because the system was founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as an alternative to poverty and pain of the millions of individuals who not only won the right to a monthly income after producing large amounts of money in the markets of a grateful nation that today, young inexperienced social legislation and political hypocrites who want to revolutionize unfairly after the "old party" to defend tooth and nail when they were government. Today, little means for a youth of new legislators in the Lower House majority believe to be fair, you will need nuncaa retirement and medical assistance to retirees and expose innocent possibly including more than one family, just to manage a budget that Congress ruined by excessive spending, his bad financial structure and others.
not even know where to start but they insist on claiming !
The money comes from state or federal government, they know it comes from a separate fund supplemented by 6.2% of individual tax return, in automatic form, paid by employees and employers, not covered the national budget but have enough money until 2037, maybe beyond.
Many good things can happen in the interval, by the time the politicians they can handle the national deficit by adjusting other sections, those who for decades have been creating a burden of loss as these two expensive wars in places where nothing meant for internal security country because they believe terrorism to be controlling in Iraq and Afghanistan comes from Saudi Arabia's Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and its radical Muslims and all those unhappy infiltrated the daily lives of this country which was immensely nation in times closer, now fully debilitadada, troubled, abused by irresponsible politicians.
not we just say, I told voters in past presidential elections and that is why, for the powerful reasons that are not in the White House, who won the House for political oversight of the government party, who have no Senate or presidential recognized nationally as to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, in Washington the next 2012.
The elderly or retired were not the ones who created this disastrous national deficit, politicians were irresponsible with their economic mismanagement allowing unlimited abuse full loan bank irregular and young people who did not exist, presidents of corporations earning half a million dollars annually consenting to stratospheric salaries to key employees, Motor vehicle industry totally out of logic and decency standard, massive theft of the Stock Corporations Trade overspending within and outside the nation, creating massive unemployment industry by greed to pay cheaper in China, etc. etc.
The high percentage of elderly people receiving these checks well below the poverty that have not even reset in two years, never have the time or physical strength enough to manage systems that today are incredibly far from its agonizing, sickly and delicate life are just slowly.

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